Company Profile

ONE International Logistics, established in November 2012, is made up of a young and promising team that has proven to be among the best in freight forwarding.

With its modern perspective and ONELOG trademark, our company targets to become one of the fore-runners in the international market of transportation and logistics solutions.
Providing an exclusive expertise in seaway partial container service, ONE aims to have a long term dominance in all sections of logistiscs business.

ONELOG was established on the base of the belief that experience, solution-focused thinking, emotions and hardworking unite in the horizon, which is yet to come.


Question: Core Values

We do have a responsibility to the business and its requirements, however, it does not change the fact that we very well know that we   are not robots but human beings that support social awareness projects, that are environmentally friendly and that approach life with a   positive point of view.